Ron Baird - Canadian artist


We have commissioned world-renowned sculptor Ron Baird (the creator of Barrie’s Spirit Catcher) to create another masterpiece for this new community – and it’s going to be magical.

Ron Baird with Sculpture
New Condo in Barrie - Ron Baird Sculpture Rendering Elements Balcony Rendering Elements

World-class art, close to home

Quote Nature is not a place to visit, it is home!
Ron Baird Artist

Meet The Artist

Proudly Canadian, Ron Baird is a true ambassador who has expressed the great beauty and marvellous diversity of our province and our country through his artistic genius. Making large works excites him, especially if they have mechanical components. Lately, most of his projects have been executed in stainless steel a medium he loves for its “versatility, permanence, and when polished, it’s chameleon like ability to take on the changing colours that surround it.” His art bestows a sense of place; strengthening connections between people and place and is integral in the fostering of a community’s identity. It celebrates the social, historical and cultural threads of the community, and honours both natural and urban environments.

Disclaimer: Renderings are an artist’s conception; any specifications in depiction may change at the developer’s sole discretion without notice. Municipal Architectural Controls may require modifications to any exterior colour and material used, altering the overall design and appearance. Subject to change E. & O.E Pratt Homes Barrie. Elements Condominiums, 2021.